The Pursuit of Truth Will Set You Free

About ME

Self-Authored bio’s are boring.  Admit it, they are.  And decidedly narcissistic.  Husband/wife, father/mother, son/daughter.  Gee…Welcome to the club.  Living here, alumnus of there,  born in this place, ‘dying’ in another.  We get it.  Addicted to coffee.  Love animals.  Enjoy long walks on the beach.  You’re not special.  Came from nothing.  Squandered everything.  Who hasn’t?


If you must know anything about me it’s that writing is a struggle.  I love it.  I hate it.  One day I’m Dickens, the next a fifth grader is more competent.  I do this (write) because something inside me says that I must.  Because the alternative is a deathbed of regret.

My hope is that the journey I’m on and the words that stick to the page impact someone, anyone.  That – in no particular order – they laugh, be inspired, find the truth, eliminate bias, use discernment, and seek God’s purpose.  I won’t always get it right,  but I’ll always strive for honesty.

And that’s all I can offer.

I have no previous work to site.  I wasn’t even the editor of my high school newspaper  (which is good because I don’t think we had one).

This is my beginning.

Oh and by the way…Husband.  Father.  Son.  Child of God.  Runner.  Lifter.  Inspired by Music.  Easily Distracted.  Truth Seeker.  No one said a little narcissism isn’t necessary from time to time…

Christian Daemon


What is the Truth Manifesto?  It's a website dedicated to the truth, by asking, seeking, and knocking, presented through the mediums of Blog Posts and Podcasts.  It is focused on Biblical Principles and Analysis, Current Events, Health & Wellness, Personal Experiences, and any subject matter that I deem interesting (which is pretty much everything).

The desired intention of the content is to:

Spark debate

Point out what’s been overlooked

Provoke self-study

Provide new perspectives

Be a source of encouragement

Be guided by humility

Be really, really funny

Additionally, the Truth Manifesto reserves the right to be wrong, to have its contents revised.  It won’t ever pretend to be absolute or without flaws.

So, if it’s something you appreciate, something you benefit from, pass its content onto others.  If on the other hand you find it miserable and uninspiring, well then there’s likely something wrong with you and a re-read may be in order, or in extreme cases, therapy.